Starting a New Company? Get Off on the Right Foot with These Professionals

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It doesn’t matter if you are focused on one talent or a “jack of all trades” — when you are starting a new company, there are going to be aspects involved that you have no experience with. If you try to go it alone, it probably won’t turn out as well as you’d hoped. Getting off on the right foot is critical if you don’t want to join the statistics of many businesses that fail in the first one to five years. So, who should you include in your network of supporters? Here are a few of the professional services you should consider.

wearing many hats when you are starting a new company

  • Accounting Software Training– Getting your accounting software set up properly sets the stage for useful financial statements that will guide your most important business decisions. An online software, such as QuickBooks Online, gives you the added benefit of being able to access your financials from anywhere at any time. With professional training, you’ll avoid the potential mistakes and have a better understanding of how the software works.
  • Payroll Services– When you are starting a new company, you start out with the highest rates for state unemployment taxes, workers’ compensation, and other labor costs. However, by working with a payroll services company, you’ll gain the benefit of their established rates. You’ll also free up your time to do more productive things.
  • Bill Paying Services– It isn’t uncommon to be wearing many hats when you are starting a new company, and that leaves the potential to overlook invoices. By putting an accounting firm in charge of your bill paying, you can avoid late charges and hits to your vendor relationships.
  • Accounts Receivable Services– Invoicing might be fun for you, or not; however, collections are usually challenging for most new business owners. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone else be take care of it?

If you are starting a new company and you would like help getting your accounting software set up, at Balanced Bookkeeping of NC, we offer both Xero training and QuickBooks training. We can also recommend a payroll services company, and we handle the other two on the list ourselves, along with sales tax filing and other services. Reach out today so that your new business in the Mebane, North Carolina area gets the support it needs to flourish.