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Our accounting training in Xero and QuickBooks helps your staff better understand the capabilities and benefits of your accounting software.

There are some things that most anyone can quickly pick up with little to no training. Other things can take years of training! Luckily, learning how to use accounting software doesn’t require a long-term training commitment, like becoming a surgeon, for example. But it can feel a bit overwhelming and leave you wondering if you or your in-house bookkeeper will ever get the hang of it. You might have thought that the only reason to call an accountant was to do the bookkeeping for you. However, here at Balanced Bookkeeping of NC, we’re not your average accounting firm.

Accounting Training in Durham, North Carolina

We are happy to help you and your staff out with comprehensive accounting training in Xero or QuickBooks accounting software. Our accounting training involves not only how to use the software, but getting your accounting protocols in place so that everything from accounts receivable to bill paying are done accurately and have been tailored to your company’s needs.

Another aspect of accounting training is our ability to help you with a QuickBooks online conversion. If you are currently using their desktop version and want the flexibility and other benefits of the online version, we can assist you with getting it set up and train your staff in how to use it.

Of course, we are here for you whenever you need other accounting services, so if even with accounting training, there are aspects that you want to outsource, don’t hesitate to let us know. We can handle your accounts receivable, bill paying, and more. Call today to learn about our various accounting and accounting training services for your Durham, North Carolina company.

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